Designed to look like polished concrete, this flooring option is great for those with a tight budget. Economical, durable & stylish. 

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What is grind and seal?

Grind and seal is an economical option for those who want the polished concrete look without the price tag. Generally a three step grinding process followed by the application of topical sealers to protect the surface and achieve the gloss level desired.

The first step is to grind the concrete surface down to the desired aggregate exposure. The second and third grinding passes are performed to remove any swirl marks in the concrete left by the coarser diamonds.

Once the swirl marks have been removed from the concrete surface, the surface is thoroughly cleaned in preparation of a topical sealer. Our method involves the application of a clear epoxy as a base coat. Using clear epoxy as the base coat, preserves more of the natural concrete colour. Once the base coat is cured we apply a polyurethane sealer in matte, satin or gloss.

The end result of grind and seal is a polished concrete ‘look-a-like’ flooring system. Due to the use of topical sealers on top of the concrete surface, grind and seal is more prone to surface scratches than traditional polished concrete.

Grind and Seal benifits

Not only does grind and seal look great, it provides surface protection from oils, stains & general weathering.

For the safety conscious, grind and seal can have a slip resistance rating of up to R12. Great for commercial, industrial and domsetic projects.

  • Long lasting
  • Oil & Spill resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Various gloss levels
  • Colours can be added to the sealer
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential

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